🎭 No Limits
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Five West End stars take to the stage in a new, exciting production at Turbine Theatre.

Written by Sam Thomas and directed by Dean Johnson, No Limits is a song cycle depicting an array of emotions and experiences we all can resonate with. Featuring songs of LGBTQ+ stories, family, friendships, and love, No Limits shows characters free themselves from their anxieties and develop a sense of self-belief.

The cast is made up of Owen Clayton, Hannah Lowther, Mary Moore, Matthew Maher and Natalie May Paris, all of who showcase their undeniable talent and stunning vocals. 

The song cycle takes place in a London apartment, designed aptly by Justin Williams, with each actor portraying various characters at all stages in life. We hear about failed dates, family woes, cheating partners and the anxiety of entering adulthood. 

The entire cast was amazing in their individual roles as well as together during group numbers. I loved Lowther and Maher’s romantic duet – their voices complemented each other beautifully. The second act was the strongest and where I felt the energy pick up. 

There was the humorous track around being ‘kinky’, paired with cheeky supporting props, which had the audience laughing out loud. I enjoyed the musical comedy number by Moore; they had such a lively stage presence, and we couldn’t help but smile. I especially loved the support from the cast, particularly during the more light-hearted numbers. The small details certainly added to the narratives of the songs.  

Natalie May Paris delivered outstanding vocals – their riffs and runs gave me goosebumps. The titular song, ‘No Limits’ was one of my highlights of the entire show. The lyrics were beautiful and a positive reminder that with enough self-belief, we can overcome any setbacks and ‘know no limits’.

While the songs sometimes fall into a cliche category, I still appreciated the relatability of the show. Particularly as a young person, who often feels they haven’t got their life together, this musical was authentic and provided many realistic examples of the obstacles people face. I loved the balance between the hilarity and poignant songs.

No Limits is a joyous production, full to the brim with positivity and a wonderful cast. I can’t wait to see where the production goes next! You can catch the show at Turbine Theatre until 26 February!

(P.S. – We would love a cast recording!!)