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Off West End Theatre

Someone of Significance – VAULT Festival

🎭 Someone of Significance 📍 VAULT Festival – Network Theatre🎫 PR invite⭐⭐ Written by Amalia Kontesi and directed by Sam Tannenbaum, Someone of Significance explores whether love is enough for two people with nothing in common. Will structural barriers and personal beliefs keep them apart or is their connection strong enough to remain together? The …

Off West End Theatre

Clementine – VAULT Festival

🎭 Clementine📍 VAULT Festival – Network Theatre🎫 PR invite⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As I walked into Network Theatre for ‘Clementine’, Lady Gaga’s banger, Judas, played – a strong sign that I was going to love this show! The story Written and performed by Rosalie Minnitt, ‘Clementine’ is a one-woman musical comedy about a young woman’s quest to find …

Off West End Theatre

Sleepova – Bush Theatre

🎭 Sleepova 📍 Bush Theatre🎫 PR invite ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini’s new play, Sleepova is an authentic, funny and moving piece of theatre. We follow 4 Black millennial girls as they gossip, joke, and quarrel during their sleepovers and navigate through their teenage years. Directed by Jade Lewis, Sleepova is a beautiful representation of Black …