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As I walked into Network Theatre for ‘Clementine’, Lady Gaga’s banger, Judas, played – a strong sign that I was going to love this show!

The story

Written and performed by Rosalie Minnitt, ‘Clementine’ is a one-woman musical comedy about a young woman’s quest to find love. The time period of the show isn’t defined, but it takes place ‘in the past’ (The costumes were giving Bridgerton vibes!) 

We meet Lady Clementine (Minnitt), a single 26-year-old, desperate to find the love of her life. Lady Clementine fears if she isn’t married before her birthday, she will end up like her spinster Aunt Lauren. We learn all about Lady Clementine’s previous partners, including one who lost his head and the latest beau who has gone missing. We follow her on a hilarious, eccentric, musical journey to solve the mystery of her ill fortune with love. But perhaps she has been searching for it in all the wrong places…

My thoughts

Described as ‘Gen Z’s ode to womanhood’, Minnitt has created a funny, feel-good show, packed with cultural references that fitted perfectly with the story. Enthusiastic direction from Tristan Robinson and Alison Middleton resulted in nonstop laughter during the performance. Lady Clementine pranced, paraded and even spouted water across the stage.

Minnitt maintained such high energy and portrayed various supporting characters including her unfortunate housekeeper, Jackie and the guardian angel flemish DJ. The show was certainly interactive, with willing members of the audience reading letters and even participating in onstage raves. Minnitt is a fantastic performer and a talented comedy writer. I loved how skillfully they bounced off the audience and held our attention for the entire show. Even in the moments when Lady Clementine was offstage, the video projections added the funniest context to the story. The constant puns paired with Minnett’s impeccable comic timing made this show a total delight.

Honor Halford-MacLeod incorporated several musical melodies during the show. We even got an interpretive dance to Beyonce’s Alien Superstar. And who doesn’t love a mid-show ballad? As the audience waved their flameless candles that were placed on the seats, Lady Clementine serenaded us with ‘Guide Me, Stars’ – a song I personally think should be on Spotify.

Amongst the hilarity, the show ends with an empowering high, leaving us happy for Lady Clementine and her newfound (self) love. The hour went by quickly and I was left grinning from what we just watched. Clementine is so much fun – it’s lively, it’s quirky and certainly empowering!

Rosalie Minnett is a comedy star in the making and I can’t wait for what they do next!